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Water Of Life® Began With An Audacious Goal:

To purify drinking water for the 1 billion people without it

In 2005, Water Of Life® began with the goal to extend safe-drinking-water access to everyone on Earth. Over the past several years, we’ve made significant progress towards that goal with the development of UVX™ — our breakthrough, ultraviolet-drinking-water-purification technology. UVX™ is a major milestone for our goal because it is substantially more (A) effective, (B) portable and (C) energy efficient than previous technologies. We believe UVX's™ technical superiority will enable us to purify drinking water for the billion people who live without it.

UVX™ enables us to make the world's best portable, drinking water purifiers: RescueWater, VillageWater and EWU.


About The Founder

CEO & Founder - Dr. Steve Yencho

In 2005, Steve Yencho, Ph.D. founded Water Of Life, LLC.

Dr. Yencho holds (I) a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois, (II) an M.S. degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Stanford University and (III) a Ph.D. in Material Science & Engineering from Stanford University. In addition, Dr. Yencho was the Hewlett-Packard Fellow in the Precision Machinery Engineering Ph.D. program at the University of Tokyo. His work experience includes several technical and managerial positions with Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Caterpillar Tractor Company and the Institute of Defense Analyses.

Prior to starting Water Of Life, Dr. Yencho founded Cardica, Inc. (NASDAQ:CRDC) — the world leader of implanted surgical connectors for coronary artery bypass graft surgeries, and Omeros Medical Systems (NASDAQ:OMER) — a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. Furthermore, Dr. Yencho was the Assistant Director of Stanford's Rapid Prototyping Laboratory.